Here is a story for you to read. The story does not have an ending. Would you like to write the ending to this story?

Barnaby and the Mailbox

Barnaby was a boy who liked to go fast on his bike. He spent his days zooming through the neighborhood. He flew up and down the sidewalks. He sped around corners. The neighbors yelled, “Barnaby, slow down!” every time he zipped by.

But Barnaby shouted back, “I’m okay, I’m having fun,” and he never slowed down. One day Barnaby had a race with Sam, the fastest bike rider in the neighborhood. The race started at Barnaby’s house. The boys took off, and Barnaby was in the lead. Barnaby turned around to holler at Sam.

He shouted, “Hey Sam, I’m faster than –“. But Barnaby never finished his sentence. His bike swerved, and then Barnaby crashed — right into a mailbox.

“Crunch!” Barnaby’s head hit the mailbox. The box broke off its post and fell to the ground. Down went Barnaby, tumbling to the sidewalk. His bike rattled to the street.

Poor Barnaby! Sam stopped the race. He picked up Barnaby and lifted the bike out of the street. Barnaby’s head hurt badly, and he wanted to go home, but he knew he had to do something first: He had to take care of that mailbox. Barnaby picked up the beat-up box.

He carried it to the home of the owner, and he rang the doorbell…

That’s all Mrs. Peacock wrote. Can you write the rest of the story? Who will answer the door? What will that person say to Barnaby? Send me your ending to the story. I’d love to read it!