Young Wolf was a boy who lived a long time ago. He was a member of the Miami Indian tribe. This story tells about the way he lived:

Young Wolf lived in a small round house with his parents and his sister. The house was made out of plants called reeds. When the weather got cold, his mother made a fire to keep the family warm.  She sewed blankets made of animal hides.

Young Wolf’s mother had long hair that she wore in a braid. She was a hard worker. She planted corn, beans and squash for the family to eat. Young Wolf loved the delicious soup and cornbread his mother made. He helped his mother gather wood to make the fire for cooking.

Young Wolf’s father was a great hunter.  He knew how to use a bow and arrow. He used a spear to kill wild animals. In the winter, Young Wolf’s father went away to hunt buffalo. Young wolf helped his mother while his father was gone.  Young Wolf knew that when he got older he would go hunting with his father. Young Wolf’s father taught him how to catch fish in the river. He took the fish home. His mother cooked the fish.

Young Wolf had a little sister named Shining Sun. His mother carried Shining Sun on her back while she worked.  Young Wolf made dolls out of cornhusks. He gave them to his sister. He took care of his sister while his mother cooked.

Young Wolf had lots of friends.  They swam in the river. They raced and climbed trees. they went to the forest to collect fruit and nuts. The boys made boats called canoes.  They chopped down a big tree and dug out the inside.  They took the boats out on the river and had a great time. On special days, all the families in the village had a party.  They painted their faces and sang and danced and told stories.  All the Miami Indian people wore leather headbands with beads on them.  This showed they were members of the same tribe, and they were proud.

Now do this: Draw a picture of Young Wolf with his family.